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Living Confederate Principles by Lloyd Tilghman Everett

by  Lloyd Tilghman Everett
A Heritage for All Time. 
(An address delivered by Lloyd T. Everett, of Washington Gamp, No. 305, S. C. V., at the reception by the Camp to the Confederate veterans of Washington, D. C, and vicinity, February 10, 1914. Revised.) 
Copyright 1915, by Lloyd T. Everett. 
Mr. Commandant, Mr. Toastmaster, Veterans and Comrades: 
We often hear it said that the glory of the Confederate soldier is imperishable and immortal; that his valor and devotion to duty have won for him a name and a fame that shall never die. 
That is true. History shows us no equal to the splendid blend of physical and moral courage and long sustained fortitude of the half starved legions of Lee — certainly no superior. And while, to use a homely phrase, every tub must stand upon its own bottom; English while each man must win for himself, by his own worth, his standing in the community, yet I prize as a priceless treasure the proud fact that I am the son of a Confederate soldier. Nor is this merely …