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Christ-Like Affections in the Life of General Jackson

Primary Source
Mary Anna Jackson, Life and Letters of General Thomas J. Jackson (New York: Harper & Brothers, 1892), 407-412. __________________________________________________
Winter of 1862-1863
“During this winter, at Moss Neck, General Jackson’s Christian activity and spirituality became more marked than ever before, showing a rich ripening for the rewards and glories of the heavenly inheritance. To a friend he expressed his perfect assurance of faith, and said he had been for a long time a stranger to fear, ‘because he knew and was assured of the love of Christ to his soul; he felt not the faintest dread that he should ever fall under the wrath of God, although a great sinner; he was forever reconciled by the righteousness of Christ, and that love for God and Christ was now the practical spring of all his penitence.’ He then arose from his seat, and with an impressive union of humility and solemn elevation continued, in substance, thus: ‘Nothing earthly can mar my happiness. I kn…

The Following to His Son Custis Gives a Vivid Picture of Christmas at Arlington

Arlington, 28th December, 1851.
We came on last Wednesday morning. It was a bitter cold day, and we were kept waiting an hour in the depot at Baltimore for the cars, which were detained by the snow and frost in the rails. We found your grandfather at the Washington depot, Daniel and the old carriage and horses, and young Daniel on the colt Mildred. Your mother, grandfather, Mary Eliza, the little people, and the baggage, I thought load enough for the carriage, so Rooney and I took our feet in our hands and walked over. We looked for the Anne Case, in which to get a lift to Roop's Hill, but congratulated ourselves afterwards that we missed her, for she only overtook us after we had passed Jackson City, and was scarcely out of sight when we turned up the Washington turnpike. The snow impeded the carriage as well as us, and we reached here shortly after it. The children were delighted at getting back, and passed the evening in devising pleasure for the morrow. They were in upon us bef…