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The Confederate Army and Navy Bible and Tract Depository

The Confederate Army and Navy Bible and Tract Depository

Receives the Contributions of Christians of all Denominations, who, through it, lay their Offerings of Patriotism upon the Altar of Piety, and lead the Soldiers of the Country to become the Soldiers of the Cross.

The Army of the Southern Confederacy is the most important field for religious labor in the wide world. If this Laud of ours, placing itself under the protection of Messiah, the exalted Head of all power, the Governor amongst the nations, shall reader unto Him the honor which is His due, and prove steadfast in its allegiance to Him, then what mind can conceive, or language depict, the splendor of its destiny—the stately march of its sublime career, as it rises to unquestioned pre-eminence, and wears its crown of glory, and wields its sceptre of influence amongst the Powers of Earth! But, the choicest portion of the country, the flower of the South, which will of necessity give character to the Confederacy, and control it for years to come, is found in the Army. Hence, the importance of consecrating to CHRIST this mighty influence. And hence the importance of sustaining an enterprise, which seeks to accomplish this great end.

About Fifty Millions of Pages of Tracts, and thousands of Gospels and Hymn Books have been distributed from this Depository, gratuitously amongst the Soldiers of every Army of the Confederacy. The seed has not been sown in vain. Numerous letters from Chaplains, Officers and Privates, testify to the great good which has been accomplished, and shew that the literature thus disseminated, has been, to a considerable extent, instrumental in producing and sustaining the wonderful Revival with which God has blessed Our Armies, and which, in the past year, has added more than twelve thousand Soldiers to the churches.

Generals Lee, Jackson, Kirby Smith, and other Army Officers; Captains Lee, Pegram. and others of the Navy; and many eminent Statesmen of the Confederacy; have given their voluntary testimony to the valuable service rendered to the country by this instrumentality. The expenditure of means involved is very great, and donations for the support of this enterprise are respectfully solicited from all, everywhere, who have at heart the religious welfare of our Soldiers, and the advancement of the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Please send your contributions to 

Rev. A. W. Miller, Supt.


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